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home.madehomemade的音标和读音: DJ音标发音: KK音标发音: homemade的词性: adj.(形容词)1. Made or prepared in the home: 家制的:在家中制作或准备的:用法与例句: homemade pie. 家制馅饼2. Made by oneself. 自制的3. Crudely or si...


What is the house made of ? 这/ 那座房子由。。。构成? 【 be made of 由。。。制成】

这边glass表示玻璃 是不可数名词 一般加es表示眼镜a pair of glasses

第二个正确。 a wooden house,或 a house made of wood.

过去分词做后置定语 请采纳

he is belived to have made up his mind to buy the house 他认为已经打定主意买房子 重点词汇释义 he is他是 made…制的; 做成的,拼成的; 虚构的; 保证成功的; 使(make的过去式和过去分词) his(he的所有格)他的; (he的物主代词)他的东西; 自己...

They had made a mess of the house.主动语态,a mass为宾语,变为被动语态的主语。 A mess had been made of the house.

这篇阅读理解吗 My house is made out of wood, glass and stone. It is also made out of software. If you come to visit, you'll probably be surprised when you come in. Someone will give you an electronic PIN (个人身份号码) to wear....

只是时态不同罢了, is是一般现在时态,表示现在的事实,房子是木头做的 was是一般过去时态,是说以前的房子用木头做的 this house is make of wood 是对的


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