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CwEEts 意思

是不是这个 sweets 英[swi:ts] 美[swi:ts] n. 糖果; 甜食; 糖果( sweet的名词复数 ); 甜味; [用复数] 快乐; [例句]I need my fix of sugar, sweets, and chocolate 我离不开糖、甜品和巧克力。 [其他] 原型: sweet

sweets [英][swi:ts][美][swi:ts] n.糖果; 糖果( sweet的名词复数 ); 甜食; 甜味; [用复数]快乐;


the sweets are for you 糖果是给你的 I think you'd better buy fruit this year to shell outwhen the children come round, as too many sweets are bad for their teeth. 我想今年你最好买些水果等孩子们来了好发给他们,吃糖过多对他们的牙...


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